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Majestic-12 is a 3d action side-scroller where you take control of an elite MJ-12 commando and battle your way through secret installations and strange alien environments with your friends. Mj12 has a retro vibe mixed with an exciting visual style and original game mechanics that will leave the player very satisfied. The game mixes humorous enemies with action-packed gameplay in single player, and several innovative multiplayer modes.

What is it like?

Imagine if you took castle Crashers, mixed it with contra, and then made it 10x more stupid... oh yea, and bear tanks controlled by alien heads in a jar.


• Local co-op modes for 4 players
• 40 in-game Achievements
• Exciting combat and movement mechanics seldom explored in side-scrollers
• Enjoyable arcade style campaign mode
• Survival mode for 4 players
• Easy to pick up, hard to master.
• Versus Combat mode for 4 players
• Drop-in / Drop-out multi-player
• 3d play field / depth - effects gameplay
• Spaceship combat side-scroller levels

Press Coverage:


Originally posted by XBLA FANS: "I urge you to check this one out when it does make its way to the PC Market, I had a lot of fun demoing this one, I can't wait to see more."


Originally posted by CinemaBlend: "Actually, I can't wait to get my hands on this game. It seems pretty awesome and I've always enjoyed the nostalgic feel."

Gamers Haven:

Originally posted by Gamers Haven: "To be honest I loved my time with this game while on the show floor. It was a great experience playing with multiple people and wrecking everything in our path from boxes and small enemies to the giant bosses (bear on a bulldozer).


Originally posted by Pikimal: "Majestic-12 is a zany dual stick style shooter…It essentially plays like a love letter to the arcade days long gone...If you've got a group of friends that love old-school arcade shooters, Majestic-12 would definitely be a title worth looking into."


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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